This was the first time shooting with Sophie from Paparazzi Model Management.

My friend Jasmiina had called me to fill in for a photoshoot. She was doing a beauty look for a model and the photographer had cancelled, so I just went in the next day without any idea what was going to happen or what the look was going to be a like.


I was sitting on these photos for at least a month, trying to find a good look for them.

Then a couple of nights ago, I almost by accident I tried messing around with the colours more than usual.


I just went as far on the whole spectrum of different variations before landing the cold and slightly greenish look.

This just looked the coolest to my eye and I started working on the finishing touches on the skin while also landing to the final result of colour grading.


Tonight, while I was working on finishing the photos to finally be able to send them to Jasmiina and Sophie's agency, I realized the look is not a coincidence. The character clearly turned out to be influenced by my niece and her favourite Disney character, the Frozen Elsa.

I'm going to have to ask Jasmiina if that was her idea when she was creating the look!

Sophie / Paparazzi Model Management
Make-up and hair by Jasmiina Walters

PS. I'm also working on the last ones of the wedding photos from the love filled summer. It was my busiest summer for weddings so far.
PPS. I still got a few more sets up in the works that we've already shot with Sophie
PPPS. Welcome to my new blog, it's about damn time I started creating photos again